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Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate and help as many people as possible to
maximize their credit ratings.  Through the recently released audio book 
‘12 Secrets to Rebuilding Your Credit'  by Al Williams, IVS Credit 
Services has taken the first step in educating the American public in 
improving their FICO credit scores and gaining financial freedom.  
Through our regional offices throughout the country and
nationwide seminars, IVS Credit Services places itself at the
forefront in the field of credit restoration.



Al Williams

Founder-Chairman & CEO 

Blaine Williams

Vice President

Carol Pelosi

Sr. Vice President Marketing and Sales 

Advisory Board

Allan Jay Friedman 
Executive Advisor


Jack Neil Swickard
Corporate Attorney At Law

IVS Team Members:

Chuck Pope - National Sales Director


Veronica Sofia Acevedo - Vice President Public Relations


Linda Turnbow - Regional Director


Frani H. Doctorow - Regional Director


Joseph Dollar - Regional Director


Linda Velez - Sales Associate


Susan Nelson - Sales Associate


Guy Buxman - Sales Associate


Tom Peterson - Sales Associate


Leonardo Soto - Sales Associate